Course Information:
Concealed Weapons Training Course
Instruction Location: Online
Gun Range: Student’s Preference at any OC Gun Range
Course Email: To Come

Course Description:
Understand and demonstrate adequate knowledge of handgun safety and civil and penal liability laws to legally carry handguns in the State of California.

Course Goals and Objectives:
The goal of the course is to have CCW applicants develop and enrich their gun safety knowledge and handling. They will need to demonstrate and understand how to properly handle their gun and the laws of CCW. Students will have to demonstrate their ability to live fire 24 rounds at standard silhouette B-27 from 3 to 7 yards from the shooter.

Texts, Reading Materials:
CCW applicants can obtain their reading material and written exam from OCONLINEGUNCERT.COM

Course Outline:
• Basic Firearm Safety
Safety is fundamental to all shooting activities. Whether you’re practicing at the range, cleaning your gun, or defending your family from an attack, the rules for firearm safety always apply

• Basic Defensive Shooting Skills
Forms of handgun shooting, defensive shooting is based upon the fundamental principles of pistol marksmanship.

• Principle of Concealed Carry
There are many ways in which a concealed handgun can be carried. Handguns can be discreetly carried in many external devices.

• Handgun Retention
To carry a handgun on your person in public, you must make every effort to ensure that you retain control of the handgun under any and all circumstances.

• Storing a Gun Safely in the Home
You can use in your home a large gun safe or lock box that represents the first line of defense against criminals or other unauthorized persons.

• Firearms Laws
As a CCW applicant, you must understand and comply with all federal, state and local laws regarding firearms ownership.